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Warranty Claim Procedure
SUMMIT / SUNTHERM WARRANTY CLAIM PROCEDURE Please follow these steps for all Summit and SunTherm warranty claims.  ***Failure to follow these steps can result in your warranty claim being denied*** 1) Leave all product labels affixed to the product unless instructed otherwise 2)   Fill in a warranty claim form Excel or PDF below.   (ALL DATA MUST BE LEGIBLE)  3)   Necessary information that must be completed on the Claim Form a) Model Number and Serial Number b) Original Install date c) Date of Failure i) All warranty claims must be submitted within 90 days of the failure date or claims will be denied by the manufacturer. d) Nature of Failure e) Replacement Part i) If replacement coil is a Summit Coil the new Serial Number must be provided 4)   Send a completed warranty claim form (see below) to warranty@ecovisionsales.ca to request an RGA. PDF warranty claim form can be printed, filled in, scanned and emailed. Excel warranty claim form can be filled in and emailed. Email must include the following attachments a) Warranty Claim Form b) Legible picture of the Rating Plate 5)  Once the completed warranty form is received a RGA number will be provided to reference your claim. 6) Return the defective product (unless instructed otherwise) with a copy of the warranty claim form and the RGA attached.             Please leave the product label attached.  Do not remove any parts or components from coils otherwise the Warranty Claim will be DENIED. Please note, the manufacturer may take 60-90 days to process your claim and issue a credit. Claims for coils will be denied when replacing the entire coil when only the TXV is defective.
Warranty period is 5 years from date of purchase on CA, CH coils and Suntherm products NO REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED Retain your proof of Sale showing the Serial Number